Mama Roux!

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How do you do? We're Mama Roux.

From their studio lair on the outskirts of Amsterdam comes Mama Roux, the three-piece band that's sure to throw a monkey wrench in your conception of contemporary rock music. The band consists of Dutchie Maarten on drums, the inevitable rambling man Patrick on bass and their Croatia-rooted guitar player Lukas. Lovely to meet you; welcome to the Roux.

Mama Roux' sound can't be easily pigeonholed: their blend is one of garage rock and inimitable funk-era groove, all based on a bone-chilling delta-blues foundation. The band has been under the influence of such acts as Dr. John, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Meters and Led Zeppelin.

Inhibited by a pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, the threesome was eagerly bound to play the underground scene, where they've gathered a tightly-knit following of like-minded revellers. Recently, 'Big Fuss', the first track of their eponymous EP, was released. It's a rowdy embodiment of Roux' musical vision: explosive, uncompromising and forcing its listener to start moving.

Here's to seeing each other at a gig near you soon.



March 2nd - Cinetol
March 25th - OCCII

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